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This video has 3 (three) sections: Download and installation of the Android tracking application; Xiaomi-specific configuration so that the spying app will work.
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Ian Adoe from Redmi Note 5A. Beta Team-Global. Johnson Ali from Redmi Note 5 Pro. Hello Mi Fans,Smartphones have enhanced our lives in many ways. There has been a lot of debates over the ever-growing issue of smartphone addiction. To curb down the smartphone usage, Google has already announced digital wellbeing which is basically a suite of features designed to help you use your phone less. And now, with the release of MIUI 10 9.

The graphs available are daily, weekly and monthly, giving the users the opportunity to have a broad view of their smartphone usage. Let's explore the feature in details:How to view your screen time? Click on it. Just at the top you would find, how much time you have spent on the screen in a day. Beside that there are data for last 7 days and last 30 days respectively. There are also graphical presentations for better understanding and a visually appealing appearance. From the graphs you can easily have a look at the screen time for each day of the week as well as the month.

Apps' screen time:Here, You can see a list of apps, on which you have spent most of your screen time. You can also have the relative playing time of each of those apps. This section even provides data for usage time of apps for last 7 days.

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So that you can have a clear understanding on your app usages and habits. Here also you would find a geautiful graphical presentations. You can fetch data for each of the days of the week individually from the graph. At the bottom you would find how many notifications we have recieved. It breaks down the number of notofication by app.

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Like I reeceived 80 notifications from QQ and 16 from Chrome. Do check yours! Have some rest! It also has the ability to set a different screen time limit for weekdays and weekends. You can change the time limit as per your wish. I have set it 5 hours. What's yours? That's all! If you have already received the update, enjoy the new screen time feature and keep an eye on your smartphone usage. About Mi CommunityMi Community is our official community forum, the ultimate playground for our Mi Fans to hang out together.

More importantly, it is the perfect place to interact with other hardcore Mi Fans like you! Sign In Sign Up. Mi Explorers. Mi Explorers Mid-range phone at a discount. Offering a good price-to-performance ratio has been Xiaomi's formula of success in the past. However, its competition is right on its heels. Find out how the Redmi 7 fares in our review. The Xiaomi Redmi 7 has now arrived in the western hemisphere and is available in a similar price range as in its country of origin China.

But if you know the Redmi series, you will know all about its great price-to-performance ratio. Xiaomi Redmi smartphones offer the connectivity and features that are usually reserved for significantly more expensive phones. The Redmi 7 is the seventh generation of the original Redmi smartphone and fans of the brand have been eagerly awaiting its release.

Therefore, today's test unit has to face a larger group of competitors than the Xiaomi Redmi did several years ago. The large battery makes the Xiaomi Redmi 7 rather heavy. At grams it weighs significantly more than most other devices in this price range. However, it also offers the largest display thanks to narrow bezels and a waterdrop-shaped notch for the camera. This makes it look a lot more modern than its predecessor, which had wide bezels. The best the other competitors have to offer is a standard-width notch.

The smartphone is one of the thickest among its competitors at 8. The Xiaomi Redmi 7 is available in three colors: classic black, red and blue - each with a smart color gradient on the back. The frame is matte while the back has a shiny surface and shows up dirt and fingerprints quite easily. The Redmi 7 is a very stable smartphone. It can neither be warped nor does it respond to pressure on the front or back of the device. Best Displays , for University Students.

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Our test unit is equipped with 32 GB. Xiaomi continues to use the traditional micro-USB port and also offers a 3. The device includes FM radio and even features an infrared sensor, which means the smartphone can be used as a remote control for numerous devices with the help of an app.

7 New MIUI 11 Features!

This offers numerous tools, many of which cannot be removed, even if they are not needed. The device also has two ad apps - but at least these can be deleted easily. The interface lets users clone apps - for example in order to have two WhatsApp accounts running on the same phone. The phone also has several other useful functions, such as being able to set up a second profile, as well as an enterprise mode for companies that limits access to certain websites for employees or monitors their activities available upon agreement with the manufacturer.

Xiaomi did not organize Widevine certification for this smartphone, so that many providers only let you stream content in low SD quality. The security patches are dated March and are therefore quite up-to-date at the time of testing. This alone is remarkable for a device in this price range.

Xiaomi has not improved the LTE speeds of the Redmi 7. The variety of available frequencies is rather limited too but should be fine within the US. However, make sure you check connectivity before traveling to places that are further off. Reception is good and we had no issues using the phone indoors in urban surroundings. Wi-Fi continues to be limited to Its speeds remain between While this difference should not be noticeable in everyday use, the Redmi 7 cannot stand out from its competition in terms of Wi-Fi performance. The smartphone recognizes several satellites indoors but does not manage to get a signal that is strong enough to position us.

Positioning is fast and accurate within five meters outdoors.

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We took the phone for a bike ride together with the Garmin Edge in order to test its navigation properties. The results are okay.

The Redmi 7 only managed to vaguely track our path. It did not track our precise route - not when riding in narrow alleys nor on wide open roads. The Redmi 7 should only be used for navigation when you do not depend on precision. The telephone app comes from Xiaomi and has the keypad as its centerpiece. Above that, the app displays a list of recent calls. Xiaomi does not yet offer a dark mode as it is available on Google's standard app.

The voice quality over the earpiece is not bad but could be a little louder. At least there is no droning even at maximum volume and our call partner's voice is clear and easy to understand. The microphone also transmits our voice clearly at all volumes, although there is some distortion when talking forcefully. We can still understand our call partner clearly on speakerphone, but they had some difficulty understanding us when we spoke quietly.

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The resolution of one lens has been reduced in comparison to its predecessor, while another's has been increased. The front camera now has a resolution of 8 MP instead of 5. The predecessor already offered decent image quality considering its price range and produced good images in normal lighting.

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The Redmi 7 has similar characteristics. It offers good image quality and color reproduction, although more-expensive cameras manage to capture significantly more details. The photos turn out quite well even in bad lighting, which is good for a device of this price. Videos can be recorded at a maximum of p and 30 fps and we are quite impressed with the fast and smooth automatic exposure control.