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Your phone can determine your geographical position using GPS (Global Positioning System). The information about your location can be used by a number of.
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  6. Galaxy S Galaxy S20 Plus. Galaxy S20 Ultra. Galaxy A Xperia 5. Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G. Galaxy Note 10 Plus. While the A40 likes to cut off some curves and sometimes places us next to the road in the small alleyways of the old city, the professional device also is not perfect there either.

    Thus, we are able to attest the Galaxy A40 with acceptable locating capabilities, even if the failure in the GPS Test app remains a flaw. The Telephone app was developed by Samsung itself and offers similar functions as Google's standard app.

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    You start with the telephone keyboard and can then go through the previous calls or contacts, or discover nearby places. The microphone transfers our voice fairly clearly and without any additional noises. Through the speaker and with hands-free operation, the voice of our conversation partner also sounds slightly booming at high volumes, but otherwise the sound is pleasantly warm and clear.

    Our voice should neither be too quiet nor too loud, since otherwise our conversation partner either hears nothing or some booming. Compared to the Samsung Galaxy A6 , the camera arrangement has changed significantly.

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    There is now a dual-camera system in the back and a very highly resolving lens in the front. W ith a click inside the camera app, y ou can change the lens used, resulting in some creative possibilities. At the same time the second lens supports some Bokeh effects, but this only works if it recognizes a face. As with the Galaxy A6 , we basically like the images of the main camera very much, they offer a lot of detail and strong colors. The exposure reacts to changing conditions well and fast without any visible steps, and we also like the image quality overall.

    Before making the recording, you can select which of the lenses in the back you want to use and decide whether you want more of a wide-angle or a focused image. The Galaxy A40 is definitely designed as a selfie phone, even if you have to make do without an auto-focus and flash in the front camera.

    At least you can use the screen as a replacement for the flash. At 25 Megapixels, you can take very high-resolution selfies, but by default selfies are recorded at 12 Megapixels. In bright light or with higher contrasts, it might happen that the edges are not reproduced correctly and the image is overexposed. In addition, you have to be careful to keep the right distance, since otherwise the sharpness is lacking due to the missing auto-focus.

    Choose a scene and navigate within the first image. One click changes the position on touchscreens. One click on the zoomed-in image opens the original in a new window. The first image shows the scaled photograph of the test device. We take a picture of our test chart with the main camera under controlled light conditions in our lab. This shows the slightly unclean reproduction of color areas, and the pictures also look a little dark.

    Overall, the sharpness is at a good level. The color chart shows us that colors are reproduced significantly too bright in parts, which becomes particularly visible with green and blue color tones. While the latter offers an acceptable sound, it does not really fit securely in everybody's ears. In its online shop, Samsung offers various covers, such as the gradation cover, which adds a new design element with its color gradation.

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    Those who are looking for a folding wallet cover with a screen protector can also find that. The touchscreen is very accurate up to the corners and has a sliding-friendly surface that offers only little resistance to the sliding finger. While You can increase the sensitivity in the settings allowing you to use a screen protector, this mode is not suitable for navigation with gloves. There is a fingerprint sensor on the back. It is only distinguished from the rest of the back by a slightly elevated edge and can therefore be found easily by your finger.

    It unlocks the device quickly, even from standby. The accuracy convinces us as well. You can also use face recognition to unlock the phone. At least you can choose between the faster or the more secure method. When it gets too dark, the display brightens automatically to illuminate your face, but our test unit did not succeed in unlocking in complete darkness.

    Generally the device needs several seconds before the face is recognized, so unlocking the smartphone is faster and more secure via fingerprint.

    Samsung Galaxy Core Prime

    As in most of the current smartphones, you can find the keys for the menu navigation on the display, and you can also use gestures or rearrange the keys. In terms of the hardware buttons, there is a volume rocker and a standby button on the right side of the case. Your finger can find them easily, and they offer a good pressure point. The Galaxy A40 is no exception here and additionally brings a decent x pixels, which corresponds to a slightly expanded Full HD resolution. Unfortunately, the brightness of the display is not completely convincing in our tests.

    Other devices offer significantly brighter screens here.

    If PWM was detected, an average of minimum: 5 - maximum: Hz was measured. Naturally the contrast is very good, due to the pixels that can be deactivated to produce absolute black. However, the color deviations are relatively high in our tests. You can chose between various display modes, with the "Cinema" mode offering the most accurate color reproduction. Overall, the color reproduction is fairly warm, and only the "Adjustable Display" mode produces a slight blue tint. The color space coverage is sufficient for a large part of AdobeRGB and DCI P3, so those who calibrate the display will be able to easily judge colors in photos or printed media, for example.

    Outdoors, the low brightness becomes a problem for the display and you should look for a shady place during sunny days. Even if you look at the screen from the side, the image still remains easily recognizable with its original colors. In terms of SoC, the Samsung Exynos is used. The Galaxy M20 achieved fairly similar performance values. Things look similar in terms of the graphics performance, where the Galaxy A40 also offers a lot of power for its price range and runs smoothly in everyday operation.

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    A significant improvement can be seen in the surfing speed.