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Sony was fairly quick to adopt Android Pie and upgrade two of its XZ2 devices within two months. Nokia has a strong record of quick updates. Owners of older devices will have to be a bit more patient but can expect to receive the update by the first half of So far, only the third of six beta releases has been made available for download and testing, so we expect LG to be pretty slow to upgrade its phones to the full release.

Specifications, including a four-camera setup, have appeared on Geekbench, a processor benchmark platform. The listing also states the phone will run on Android Pie. That means customers who bought an unlocked phone from Essential or a retailer directly. By Richard Priday. By Sabrina Weiss. The information on this website is provided for educational purposes, free of charge, for the benefit of all visitors.

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The first image shows the scaled photograph of the test device. We perform further tests of the Honor 10 camera under controlled light conditions. When we evaluate the color reproduction of the camera with the ColorChecker Passport, we notice that the colors are brightened quite a lot and particularly blue and green are oversaturated. The white balance is fairly good and only slightly too warm. The reproduction of the test chart succeeds fairly well with the Honor While the color graduations are reproduced cleanly, the writing on dark background is visibly frayed.

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The image sharpness in the center is also satisfactory and only decreases minimally towards the edges. The warranty is 24 months. The capactive touchscreen of the Honor 10 has good sliding characteristics and recognizes up to ten simultaneous touch points. Inputs are recognized quickly and implemented accurately on the screen.

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In single-handed operation, the screen can be decreased using a swiping gesture, so that you can also comfortably type messages with only one hand, if necessary. Honor uses the SwiftKey keyboard layout. Those who do not like this can download and install another keyboard from the Play Store without any trouble. In addition to the usual methods for unlocking the device such as a pattern, PIN, or password, you also have the option to use face recognition or the fingerprint sensor. The latter is located in front below the glass.

Honor 10 Smartphone Review

The recognition rates are good and the unlocking is sufficiently fast, although it was even faster in the Honor 9. Using gestures, the sensor can also replace the onscreen keys of the operating system. While this works fairly well, we noticed that not all of the games would recognize the Back function as such. The face recognition is faster for the unlocking, but was not quite as reliable. Sometimes it refused to work, particularly in low light. The bezels are pleasantly narrow, and there is a notch, although you can remove this via software in the settings.

However, Honor has fine-tuned this a little more and primarily offers a better black value, but also a bit more brightness, which is also better distributed. A low minimum brightness, a blue-light filter, and the lack of pulsewidth modulation will primarily please the fans of ebooks, since the eyes are stressed relatively less in the dark.

We did not notice any annoying light halos in our Honor smartphone. If PWM was detected, an average of minimum: 5 - maximum: Hz was measured. We evaluate the color accuracy of the display using a photo spectrometer and the CalMAN analysis software. In the standard settings, the display colors are slightly too cool.

For the trained eye, the deviations are primarily visible in light gray and white tones, but they are not disturbing. Things look similar in the colors, and the skin tones in particular deviate relatively far from the target. Although then the display is still slightly too warm, it is very pleasing and you can hardly see the color deviations with your bare eyes anymore. Only cyan is displayed slightly too greenish.

Those deciding for the optimal color reproduction will have to be content with the smaller sRGB color space. In summary, the Honor 10 also delivers a good performance in this area and is superior to the competitors in this price range. Even in the high-end segment, there are some devices that cannot achieve such an accurate reproduction.

Outdoors, the Honor 10 leaves a solid impression. The screen is sufficiently bright for most light conditions, and the brightness sensor works reliably. However, the display of the Honor smartphone is very reflective and could therefore use even more brightness. The viewing angle stability of the Honor 10 ranges on the expected level for an IPS panel. The viewing angles are very stable and there are no color inversions at any time.

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From very steep viewing angles diagonally across the display, the display appears warmer and the brightness slightly reduced. While we can also see an IPS glow effect in dark environments, this is not impacting everyday usage. The chip is produced in the modern nm processes and uses the big. There are two clusters with four cores each. The performance cluster runs with Cortex-A73 cores which have a clock speed of up to 2. The A53 cores take on lighter computing tasks and reach up to 1. The benchmarks are on the expected level, and the Honor 10 does not allow itself any real outliers.

The system performance of the current Android 8.

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We analyze the browser performance of the Honor 10 using the preinstalled Google Chrome The smartphone leaves a very good impression in the benchmarks and can always be found in the top third of the comparison field. Subjectively, the pages are also loaded quickly and rendered cleanly. At this point, such a fast storage module is unique in this price range. Already after about five minutes, the frame rates started to fluctuate a lot and even dropped down to 22 FPS from time to time.

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So while anyone who wants to enjoy smooth gaming can choose the high settings without hesitation, HFR and the HD settings should be left deactivated. The sensors and the touchscreen react well, but the speaker can get covered easily by the hand. We also noticed that the Back gesture of the fingerprint sensor did not work in all the games. The surface temperatures of the Honor 10 give no reason for concern at any time. While the smartphone warms up noticeably in some parts in front during idle, it does not even get hand warm.

We evaluate the temperatures of the SoC using the GFXBench battery test, repeating the corresponding benchmark thirty times in a row while recording the battery level and frame rates. The Honor smartphone masters the T-Rex test with flying colors and delivers high constant frame rates.